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Faculty and Staff

This list includes all of our faculty and staff for the 2015-2016 school year.



Tia Hawkins Principal

Kevin Muldoon Assistant Principal

Jason Rood Assistant Principal


Counselor Jonathan Campbell


Media Specialist Shannon Hensley


Instructional Coach Mary Payne


6th Grade:

Karlene Boyd ,Math

Sarah Rushing,Science

Michele Cole, Math

Christy Gayton, English Language Arts

John Osborne, Social Studies

Elizabeth Ballenger, Science

Dana Walters ,Social Studies

Abbey Yohe ,English Language Arts


7th Grade:

Katie Hamilton, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Nicole Harr, Math, Social Studies

Steve Rooney, Science, Social Studies

Mercedes Perez, Social Studies

Phillip Philpot, Science

Lisa Tackett, Math

Lindsey Vick, English Language Arts


8th Grade:

Gary Boulier, Science

Tammy Boquet, Math

Josh Cowart, Social Studies

Lauren Gentry, Social Studies

Nathan Sharp ,Science 

Holly Spivey, English Language Arts

Robert Lanham, Math

Janet Russell, English Language Arts


Special Education:

Barbara Childers

Allie Ingle

JoAnn Jenkins

Holly Spivey

Kristy Webb

Lisa Wells

Jennifer Bailey



Aubrey Berg ,Art

Casandra Davis, Business Computers

Michaelyn Findley, Chorus/Music

Darla Hall ,Reading Enrichment

Judy McPherson, Math Enrichment

Anna Pellegrino, ESOL

Vanessa Schmitt,  Band

Sean Hynes, PE/Health

Renee Williams ,PE/Health


Bookkeeper Sarah Black

Administrative Assistant Julie Hill

Administrative Assistant Rhonda Locklear

Nurse Annette Lively

Psychologist Maura Hammond

Social Worker Melissa Wolf

Speech Ashley Ivester

Vision Jenny Gabel

Campus Police Billy Henson

Tech Support Sandy Couey



Donna Bruton

Rene Maloney

Donna Jenkins


Cafeteria Food Services:

Stephanie Prince Manager

Cindy Blalock

Debbie Cain

Kim Ritter

Carla Sloan

Christine Sneed

Emily Wheat


Anthony Daise Head Custodian

Brian Culver, Custodian

Mary Kinney, Custodian

Tony Earl, Custodian