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The 2019 Miner Cross Country teams are led by Coach James Morris.  
Cross Country Schedule: See Boys Cross Country
Ridge Ferry Park Invitational results: Girls ran 2.5 miles because of mistake by Host of the meet so times will reflect the change.
Top Red Top Runners: Team Finished in 18th place
Mallory Rose (8th Grade) 59th place      20:58
Leigha Wheeler (7th Grade)  60th place 20:59
Kaitlyn Godwin (8th Grade)  80th place  22:07
Brionna Carver (6th Grade) 119th place 26:06
Kaylee Chambers (6th Grade) 122nd place 27:47
Clara Bowl results: Girls finished in 10th place as a team with Kaitlin Godwin receiving a 6th place medal! Mallory Rose also finished in top 20 in 19th place!
Run At The Rock (Woodland) Results:  Girls finished in 11th place out of 15 teams. Kaitlin Godwin received a 15th place medal! 
Top Red Top Runners!
Kaitlin Godwin (8th grade) 15th 15:27
Mallory Rose (8th grade)  36th  17:21
Leigha Wheeler (7th grade) 67th 18:38
Alexis Godwin (6th grade) 108th 20:34
Brionna Carver (6th grade) 114th 20:44
HURRICANE ALLEY MEET RESULTS: Girls finished in 7th place. There was 126 runners total. 
Best Red Top Runners!
Kaitlin Godwin 11th 15:19.80
Mallory Rose  28th  17:46.28
Leigha Wheeler  47th  19:35.22
Brionna Carver  61st  21:50.80
Sophia St James  69th  22:37.72