Boys Track

Boys Track Schedule Spring 2021
 Meet 1: March 4th. Sonoraville meet (Cass, Red Top, Red Bud, Calhoun) 4:30  Thursday
 Meet 2: March 9th. Adairsville meet (Adairsville, Cass, Redbud and Red Top)  4:30 Tuesday
 Meet 3: March 16th. Home Meet at Red Top (Cass, Red Bud, Red Top) 4:30  Tuesday
 Meet 4:  March 23rd.  Home Meet at Red Top (Dual vs Woodland) 4:30  Tuesday
 Meet 5:  March 30th and 31st. Adairsville (County Meet) 4:30  Tuesday/Wednesday
 Meet 6:  April 15th:  Home Meet at Red Top (Woodland, Adairsville, Calhoun) 4:30  Thursday
 Meet 7:  April 22nd:  Cartersville Meet (Red Top, Adairsville, Woodland)  4:30  Tuesday
 Meet 8:  April 27th:  Home Meet (Dual vs Woodland)  4:30  Tuesday
 Meet 9:  May 1st: Region meet Cartersville TBA  Saturday