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Art Class

Is "Visual Arts" on your schedule?  What is Visual Arts?  It's our fancy way of saying Art Class.  Think about it.  There are many kinds of art.   Music, dancing, theatre...  Those are also considered part of the arts.  By putting "visual" in front, we're letting you know that this is the class where you make things that people can view.
    Now, you might be asking yourself, "What do I need to bring to art class?"  First, and foremost, you need a PENCIL!  Please, be sure to bring a sharpened pencil to class every day.  You will find a warm-up exercise written on the board daily.  You need to do your warm-up when you enter the class.  Second, you need something in which to write, sketch, brainstorm, etc.  A sketchbook or a single-subject spiral bound notebook/composition book should do nicely.  Lastly, there's one thing you absolutely must have - a positive attitude!
          To sum it all up, for art class you need three things.
  1. a pencil
  2. a sketchbook, spiral notebook, or composition book
  3. a positive attitude!

I hope you're excited!  We've got so much to learn and create.