Physical Forms

sports physical imageSchool Physicals and the Physical Forms
A student must have a valid physical in order to participate in all extracurricular sports activities at Red Top Middle School and throughout the Bartow County School System.  There are 4 parts that must be completed in order to be cleared to participate and play.  A physical is valid for 1 calendar year.
  • PreParticipation Physical EvaluationThis is a 2 page* document.  It is the History form. BOTH pages must be completed.
  • Physical Examination FormThis is a 2 page* document.  It is the Doctor's Examination form.  BOTH pages must be completed.
  • Athletic ParticipationThis is a 2 page* document.  It is the Consent Form and Insurance.  Without insurance a student cannot play!  If you do not currently have insurance, the School System offers Accident Coverage.  Proof of insurance is required before a student plays or practices.  All lines of the form need to be initialed.
  • Awareness Forms There are 2 documents, 1 page each*.  These are the Awareness forms for Concussion and Cardiac Arrest.  
All pages of the forms MUST be completed and signed.
* In the physical packet that may have come home with your student, these 2-page documents are 1 page, front-and-back.  Please be sure to sign and initial all areas and all the sheets.